Your favorite clothes are more than just a simple piece of cloth.

The quality of the garment, where it’s produced, how the people making it are treated – these are all important issues to us.

The Untold Stories collections are based on the motto LOVE. WEAR. REPEAT. A timeless look ensures clothes with a long life, allowing you to rediscover your favorite pieces through multiple seasons. Our clothes are made to endure everyday use.

We focus on sustainable production and working with natural fibers, as well as making sure that our factory workers and employees are well taken care of. That’s why we prioritize producing our clothes in Europe, shortening the transport route and lowering our carbon footprint, while at the same time doing as much work as we can locally from our offices in Oslo.

All of our suppliers have signed a Code of Conduct. Our major partner, involved in 90 percent of our production, is GOTS certified and works with SGS as well.

The fashion industry has traditionally faced major challenges regarding sustainability, and we must all strive to make even better decisions for our future. That’s why we will continue our work to strengthen Untold Stories as a sustainable and reasonably priced brand.